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Worn Photo Overlays - Set Two
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Worn Photo Overlays - Set Two


  • Manufactured by: Danielle Catalano-Titus
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With this second set of overlays, I've tried to fulfill some requests I've had since I released the first set. You'll notice that three of the six 12x12 overlays have the same pattern as some of the 5x7's in my previous set. This is because I've taken the ones that people have most often been stretching to the 12x12 size and recreated them so they'd be crisp at that size. There are 3 new crease patterns as well, along with a bracket shaped 12x12 overlay. In addition to the much-requested 12x12's, there are some polaroids, panoramics, circles, and also a black-framed version of some of the overlays in my previous set. Just for fun, there's a grungy overlay that you can use to make your photos a little more beat-up looking, and also some "UnTape" - use it to make it look like there was once tape on the photo but it's long since fallen off. Easy instructions included (written in PSCS2). Enjoy!

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