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International (non-US) Shipping
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International (non-US) Shipping


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Because my shipping module charges waaaay too much for international shipping, I am adding this category here so that you will have a better option. You are of course always free to use the shipping that the shopping cart adds in for you. But this way might be less expensive. To find out, do this: Each of my tangible products includes a weight - all you need to do is add or multiply all your products' weights and then go to THIS SITE (usps.com) to figure out your shipping cost. Most of the time the best option is International Flat Rate Priority. Please leave me a message in the comment box as to which method you've chosen. Round up or down to the nearest whole number and enter it into the quantity box. Here is an example:

You live in Australia and you have purchased:
Ten 2" magnets @ .67oz each = 6.7oz
One 16-pack Flair Magnets @ 6.5oz = 6.5oz
Four 4x5 magnets @ 2.3oz each = 9.2oz

6.7 + 6.5 + 9.2 = 22.4oz TOTAL - round down to 22oz.

Now that you have your total, just click over to the USPS website. Choose your country (in our example, Australia), choose "large envelope", and type 22 in the ounces box (don't worry about the pounds). Your options will pop up. Look at the "Post Office Price" column when considering your options. You will see that the best option is the $11.95 option. If that sounds good to you, just come back to this page, and enter "12" (as we're rounding up in this case) in the quantity box. The shopping cart will add on $12 for shipping.

WHEN YOU CHECK OUT, USE THIS COUPON CODE: FreeShip . This will eliminate the shipping added on by the cart. You do have to choose one or the other, however!

I hope this isn't too confusing - please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

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