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Worn Overlays
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Worn Overlays


  • Manufactured by: Danielle Catalano-Titus
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NOTE: PLEASE read the TOU on these - you can not use them to make photo overlays - feel free to merge them with any type of paper you want, but please do not leave any area of them as a transparent png. My TOU is pretty clear on this but I have realized I need to mention it in as many places as possible! Thanks!!

Here is a set of six 12"x12" (approximately) worn overlays, and also a bonus bracket edge, which you can use in conjunction with the six overlays to create bracket-shaped ones. Because I've had so many requests for 12" versions of my Worn Photo Overlays, I redid the three most popular ones from that pack so they'd be crisp at this size, and added three new versions. Use these as-is or with blend modes to create worn and creased papers and elements. My TOU is listed below but please be aware that the overlays can not be used to create, well, overlays. They can't be used in the openings of your frames for resale - they must be integrated into your design - so using them on the paper part of your frame would be OK, just not as a transparent png overlay in the opening of your frame. I know most people just want them to create papers - and that is their intended use. These come with instructions for use. 300ppi pngs.


For all products in my Commercial Use/ Designer Resource section:

These products can be used for any of the situations listed above, and also for the following: ~designing digital scrapbook supplies ~designing paper scrapbook supplies ~designing quickpages and templates ~designing anything mass-produced ~graphic design and illustration for magazines, ad campaigns, etc.. You may not use these products in any way that could be interpreted as redistribution, for example, you can not stamp a brush once on a plain white background and sell it that way. All of these products must be integrated into your designs. My overlays are meant to be integrated into paper designs - using them as transparent pngs in say, a frame, would be considered redistribution. Please feel free to email if you need clarification. All products must be provided to your client as complete, flattened files. No credit is required.

You may not use my commercial-use products to create your own commercial-use products! They may only be used to create an end-product. Special Cases: Some products may occasionally have a more limited use and will come with their own specific TOU. If this is the case, it will be noted in the product description, and the special case TOU will override this one.

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