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Seamless Pattern Tiles {Designer Resource} - Set 2
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Seamless Pattern Tiles {Designer Resource} - Set 2


  • Manufactured by: Danielle Catalano-Titus
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Seamless pattern tiles are a nice alternative to using full 12x12 overlays, for lots of reasons. First, the tiles are scalable, so if you want to see more of the pattern on your page, you can easily reduce the pattern size. They also allow you to have a multicolored, multilayered pattern delivered in a much smaller file size, which is great if downloading large files is an issue.

Here's how they work: Each psd file comes with each color (and outlines, in some patterns) on a separate layer, so it's easy recolor to match your palette. You can also turn the outlines on/off, and rotate the pattern if you want. Delete the colors entirely and just use the outlines for a simple monochromatic look. Lots of possibilities!

Each set of these tiles comes with instructions for defining your pattern in Photoshop. It's easy as pie. There are 3 patterns in this set. Enjoy!

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