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  • Manufactured by: Danielle Catalano-Titus
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Do you like to doodle? Do you have a graphics tablet and Photoshop? Love paisley? If you answered yes to all three, then this is a product you'll want to try. Paisley is pretty, but man is it a pain to tesselate. In this product, I've done that work for you, so you can concentrate on the fun part - coloring it in! You can bust out the digital ink or go old school and print out the template, doodle on it with your favorite Sharpie, and scan it back in. Either way, the result is highly satisfying.

This product requires moderate Photoshop savvy - you should know how to select and isolate certain sections as you're adding color, and you'll want to be reasonably creative with the doodling. You can go nuts and keep filling each section with smaller and then even smaller patterns and doodles. You can ignore some of my interior lines and doodle right into the adjacent section. It's not fast, that's for sure, but at least you only have to doodle one section! The patterning is done for you.

Please note this product will not work in any version of PSP!!

What will you see when you open the file? It's a layered PSD. One one of the layers, you'll find a single paisley section to use as a guide for your doodles. You'll also see a template beneath it, which you will use as a guide for placing your completed design. There are instructions both on the layered file, and in a separate jpeg.

This is hopefully the first in a series..I am releasing this as a single pack to see if it's something you folks think you'll use.

TOU note: My regular CU TOU applies...make papers from this to sell, but please don't redistribute any part of this as-is. Thanks! Enjoy!

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