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Conditions of Use

Terms Of Use
For Danielle Catalano-Titus / SomethingBlueStudios

First and foremost - I do not allow redistribution of any product, whether personal or commercial.  Please do not share my products, or resell them as-is.  I have a very liberal policy but there are some restrictions.  Please read on...

For scrapbookers who post in galleries or submit for publication:

If you’re reading this because you’re looking for how to credit my designs in the galleries - thank you!  It’s not required, of course, but it’s definitely appreciated.  Crediting back to SomethingBlueStudios is fine, or feel free to add the store as well, if you purchased at one of my consignment shops.

For magazine publications, most want to know where you purchased the product.  In that case, I’d appreciate the credit be written as somethingbluestudios.com.


For designers who wish to use my designs for profit:

Angel Policy:

All products purchased from SomethingBlueStudios (or from any of my consignment shops) are free to use for the following, without any additional licensing required:

Scrap For Others/Scrap for Hire (S4O/S4H) -  you may use my products to create scrapbook pages and books for others as long as the client is provided with either a physical product (ie the printed page or book) or a flattened digital jpeg file.  Quickpages and templates are not allowed under this angel policy.  Use the product as often as you like - you need not purchase the product multiple times.  No credit is required.

Card Making/ Hybrid Artists - you may use my products to create any tangible craft for your small business, including candy wrappers, matchbooks, cards, and the like.  These must be provided to your customers in a complete, non-digital format (meaning, print them!) This policy does not allow for providing customers with templates or blank photo cards.  Working for Hallmark?  Good for you!  You’ll need to inquire about a commercial-use fee for that.  Or use my products labeled for commercial use.

Personal Blogs and Websites - go for it, as long as your creations are uploaded at 72ppi, and not presented in a way that would make a lone element or paper easily right-clicked and extracted.  All elements should be part of a bigger design.  Also, in this case, my products may only be used once, for your own personal blog and/or website, or the blog/website for a business owned by you.  If you’re designing for others, please see the next section for rates.  No credit required.

Photographers - you may use my products to create cards, magnets (hopefully mine), layouts and storyboards for your clients.  These must be presented to the client as either a printed, tangible object or as a flattened jpeg file.  Providing your customers with blank templates is not allowed under this policy.  You may also use my products for displaying your photographs on your blog, website, at trade shows, on your printed brochures, business cards - you get the idea.  Again, no credit required.


None of the above?  Read on....

The $5 / $20 deal:

The following types of designers must purchase an extended-use license for my products: Professional Website Designers, Professional Blog Designers, eBay template makers - did I forget anyone?  If the product is already labeled for Commercial Use, you needn’t purchase an additional license.

You may purchase an extended-use license (in addition to the price of the product) on one product for $5, or you may purchase a blanket license for $20.  The blanket license allows you to use any of your purchased SomethingBlue products, past present and future, in your designs.  Both licenses allow for a usage of up to 50 clients, and at that time if you’d still like to use my designs, an additional license must be purchased.  Everything must be provided to the customer in a flattened format and uploaded at 72ppi.  You can purchase licenses at my shop (SomethingBlueStudios.com) - there is a category for extended-use licenses.  I do not require credit.


For all products in my Commercial Use/ Designer Resource section:

 These products can be used for any of the situations listed above, and also for the following: 

~designing digital scrapbook supplies
~designing paper scrapbook supplies
~designing quickpages and templates
~designing anything mass-produced
~graphic design and illustration for magazines, ad campaigns, etc..

 You may not use these products in any way that could be interpreted as redistribution, for example, you can not stamp a brush once on a plain white background and sell it that way.  All of these products must be integrated into your designs.  My overlays are meant to be integrated into paper designs - using them as transparent pngs in say, a frame, would be considered redistribution.  Please feel free to email if you need clarification.  All products must be provided to your client as complete, flattened files.  No credit is required.


You may not use my commercial-use products to create your own commercial-use products! 


Special Cases:  Some products may occasionally have a more limited use and will come with their own specific TOU.  If this is the case, it will be noted in the product description, and the special case TOU will override this one.


Installing Files:  Please feel free to install my products on any and all of your computers - but only yours.  I recommend you burn a back-up copy to CD or DVD, as well.


See?  Pretty liberal.  Let’s just reiterate that my angel policy on personal use products does not allow for quickpages or templates or any digital file that can be manipulated by your customer.  You would need to inquire about a special license for that.


Finally, I’d like to note that all of my products are licensed to you and owned by me. 

All of my TOU files, except for the special case ones, are called the same thing:  SomethingBlueStudios-TOU , so they’ll overwrite your previous ones.  This way your copy will stay current.

Please email danielle@somethingbluestudios.com  with any questions regarding this TOU.  Thanks for reading, and for purchasing my products.

This TOU was written on August 15, 2008 and replaces all previous TOUs for SomethingBlueStudios.

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